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Running with the Kenyans – Iten 2020

In 2015, I read the incredibly inspiring Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn. In it, Finn describes his journey to Kenya where he seeks to unlock the secrets of what makes the Kenyans just so fast at distance running. I was hooked, and knew I had to experience it for myself.

Then in December 2017 (while struggling with a serious injury) I received the most amazing wedding present from my wife – a two-week training camp in Iten, Kenya. It was just the motivation I needed to get myself healed and back to running again.

In February 2019, I finally made my trip to Iten, only for disaster to strike. I suffered an injury on the first run and had to fly home – words cannot express the disappointment I felt. A year on in February 2020, I finally returned to Iten, to fulfil my dream of running with the Kenyans.

The trip was expertly organised and delivered by The Kenya Experience and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their emphasis is very much on doing it ‘the Kenyan way’ be it the training, the lifestyle, food and visits. It really was the perfect way to experience what life is like for an athlete training at high altitude in Kenya.

You can read about my experiences and training in Kenya in my blogs.

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