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The 2017 Brathay 10in10 (#timin10)

“I cried. I joked. I walked. I hurt. I laughed. I ran.  Life will never be quite the same again.” Tim Brown (Brathay 10in10 2017)

In May 2017 I completed the toughest challenge of my life – the Brathay 10in10.  Yes, I ran 10 marathons in 10 days around the beautiful Lake Windermere in the Lake District. That’s right, 262 miles or 422 kilometres, 2,096 furlongs or 16.6 million inches. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a long way.

But unlike most of my other running challenges, I wasn’t really running it for me; I was running it to support the work of Brathay Trust. And thanks to so many generous family and friends, we were able to raise over £7,000 to support the incredible work that Brathay Trust do with vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people.  Helping them to make positive choices that will change their lives; be it overcoming barriers to work and education or transforming lives damaged by exploitation, criminality and abuse.

In this short video I talk a little about why I chose to run the Brathay 10in10 and how I prepared for the challenge.

The Brathay 10in10 was the most incredible experience. I pushed myself harder and further than I ever have before – finding physical and mental strength that I never knew I had. I shared the experience with the most wonderful group of people and made friends for life. I had the privilege of running through some of the most stunning countryside we have to offer in the UK (and some of the most changeable weather!).  And in doing so, was hopefully able to make a real change to the lives of some of the most disadvantaged young people in our society.

It might have hurt, but it was most definitely worth it!

You can follow my Brathay 10in10 journey, taking in my training and preparation as well as the 10 marathons themselves, in my blogs.

You can also watch my 10in10 video diaries, recorded during the 10 days.

And for the runners out there who love the stats:

  • 10 marathons, 10 days, 262 miles, 17,000 ft of climb
  • Total time: 38:09:56 (3rd place)
  • Average time: 3:49:00 (fastest 3:43:09 ; slowest 3:56:10)
  • 98th person to complete the Brathay 10in10 and the 30th fastest time
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